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Coal Creek

The Coal Creek drainage offers numerous recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, and fishing. During the summer months, the AmbassadorWILD team visits key locations in the area including the Ammonite, a variety of trails in the area, and Matheson Falls to make observations, perform light duty maintenance work, including picking up/packing out garbage and dismantling firepits.

In addition the team collects observational data, trail counter data and reports on it to better inform decision making. This includes tracking parking issues, trail use and needs, user behaviour, garbage issues, and impacts and needs related to the infrastructure (i.e. signage). Lastly, the team also surveys users to gather information on user demographics, place of residence, and feedback about their experience, in addition to engaging with them to promote safe and ethical outdoor practices.

The AmbassadorWILD team works with and support the Fernie Trails Alliance and Coal Creek Heritage Society on these initiatives and new projects. New projects include a new route with signage to the Ammonite, and installing wildlife cameras on a proposed epic trail along Fernie Ridge to monitor wildlife activity prior to the planned development of the trail.