Data Collection

For each of the key locations they visit, the AmbassadorWILD team collects qualitative/observational data as well as quantitative data. This includes tracking parking issues, user behaviour, garbage issues, and impacts and needs related to the infrastructure. The team also surveys users to gather information on user demographics, place of residence, and feedback about their experience.

The Ambassadors collect data from and maintain 13 infrared trail counters on local trails, as well as additional ones in partnership with other local organizations such as the Fernie Trails Alliance. The team recently installed vehicle counters on Hartley Lake Road with plans for counters on Coal Creek Road.

Additionally, the AmbassadorWILD team installs, maintains, and collects data from wildlife cameras in locations such as Heiko’s Trail and the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s land on a section of the Trans Canada Trail near Fernie. The camera program is done in partnership with Clayton Lamb, a bear biologist and wildlife scientist, as part of a pilot program that seeks to assess the impact of recreational usage in wildlife areas.