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Elk River Access

The Elk River has been gaining a reputation as a world class destination for fly fishing, famous for its Westslope Cutthroat and Bull Trout populations. The Elk River also offers a great deal of recreational opportunities for paddlers (rafting, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, stand up paddle boarding, etc), with many different sections between Sparwood and the Kookanusa lake. As such, the Elk River access sites are considered a key component of the growing fly fishing industry in the Elk Valley, and a key amenity for recreational river users.

During the summer months, the AmbassadorWILD team visits several River Access sites, including the Olsen’s Pit, Hosmer, Dogwood, Morrisey, and Elko boat launches, as well as the Dicken’s Road, Fernie North Bridge, and James White. At these locations, the Ambassadors perform light duty maintenance, including picking up/packing out garbage and dismantling firepits.

In addition to the maintenance work, the team collects observational data and reports on it to better inform decision making. This includes tracking parking issues, user behaviour, garbage issues, and impacts and needs related to the infrastructure (i.e. boat launches). Lastly, the team also surveys users to gather information on user demographics, place of residence, and feedback about their experience, in addition to engaging with them to promote safe and ethical outdoor practices.