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Silver Springs

Silver Springs is a series of three stunning deep blue lakes lined by dramatic cliffs located near Elko. It is a popular destination in the summer for hiking, fishing, swimming/cliff jumping, fishing (it is stocked with rainbow trout), paddle sports (stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, etc), and overnight camping – it is even becoming a popular ice skating destination in the winter.

Silver Springs has been tagged as one of the key locations within the larger Sustainable Tourism Project due to issues with litter and human waste management. To help address these issues, the AmbassadorWILD team helped install a composting toilet by the first lake in July 2022. During the summer months, the team visits the area twice/week to perform light duty maintenance. This includes picking up/packing out garbage, cleaning and restocking the composting toilet, dismantling firepits, and cleaning debris from the area.

In addition to the maintenance work, the team collects observational data and reports on it to better inform decision making. This includes tracking parking issues, user behaviour, garbage issues, impacts and needs related to infrastructure, and collecting trail counter data. Lastly, the team also surveys users to gather information on user demographics, place of residence, and feedback about their experience, in addition to engaging with them to promote safe and ethical outdoor practices.