The AmbassadorWILD program seasonally hires two-full time Ambassadors and one part-time Program Manager. The team visits a variety of popular front and back-country locations around the Fernie area throughout the summer to support clean-up, maintenance, and various projects in partnership with other organizations. They also connect with visitors and local recreationalists to promote safe and ethical outdoor recreation and collect data to support planning and decision-making.

Priority locations for 2022 and 2023 included key Elk River access points, Silver Springs, Heiko’s Trail, and the Coal Creek area (including the Ammonite). These locations were identified by collecting feedback from residents through an engagement process that included surveys directed to local residents as well as businesses, or as being increasingly popular attractions for locals and visitors and clearly in need of support.

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Silver Springs is a series of three stunning deep blue lakes lined by dramatic cliffs located near Elko.
Finished in 2003, Heiko’s Trail was built by one of Fernie’s renowned residents, Heiko Socher, who was integral to the development of Fernie Alpine Resort.
The Elk River has been gaining a reputation as a world class destination for fly fishing, famous for its Westslope Cutthroat and Bull Trout populations.

The Coal Creek area offers numerous recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, and fishing.

The AmbassadorWILD team puts a lot of effort into outreach and education to ensure its messaging reaches its audience.
For each of the key locations they visit, the AmbassadorWILD team collects qualitative/observational data as well as quantitative data.